Textured finish providing rust effect is a special state-of-the-art solution for modern exteriors. The composition of natural and manufactured aggregates makes it easy to achieve a unique finish that will delight even the most refined of your guests. Decorative finish with rust effect will give a modern look to your external walls. It is perfect to highlight an architectural feature or add a special finish to minimalist architecture. Undoubtedly, it grows in popularity in the modern design.




SOLTHERM CONCRETE EFFECT PANEL is a panel dedicated to creating decorative effects imitating formwork concrete on the external walls of existing and newly erected buildings, as well as inside the rooms. SOLTHERM CONCRETE EFFECT PANEL will be perfect for modern, minimalist and industrial arrangements, creating a unique visual effect. Visible streaks and discolorations emphasize the natural character of concrete.

SOLTHERM CONCRETE EFFECT PANEL is available in two colors: Light grey and Natural cement.

SOLTHERM CONCRETE EFFECT panels are 120 cm long and 60 cm wide. There are 3 different panel designs in the package.

SOLTHERM CONCRETE EFFECT PANEL are ready-made flexible panels that perfectly imitate wood plank. They can be easily combined with other finishing materials like renders. The flexibility of the panels ensures that they easily adjust to the surface. They are also easy to install and cut to size to fit on any building surface or architectural elements.

SOLTHERM has developed a special technology called CONCRETE MAPPING, which allows you to accurately reproduce the appearance and structure of real, raw concrete.




The DECOMIKA effect has been specially developed for those who love expressive visual effects. Stone imitating render finish is filled with mica particles, which give outstanding visual effects (glitter effect). It can be applied to large surfaces to create original decorative finishes.

SOLTHERM Decomica provides is a perfect alternative for multi-component and multi-layered finishes. This easy-to-apply product will give a special finish to your building façade.
Comes in 35 colours.




This colourful decorative exposed aggregate finish will give a new look to your exterior.
With this easy-to-apply decorative render finish you can quickly achieve the desired effect. Composed of carefully selected aggregate and premium acrylic binders, it gives a decorative touch to building surfaces.

Soltherm Deco BM is ideal for cornices, plinths, pilasters, etc. Available in 34 colours.




SOLTHERM WOOD EFFECT PANEL combines a timeless appeal of wooden decorative elements with reliability and robustness of modern finishing solutions. The panel perfectly imitates a wood plank by providing a clear wood grain pattern and knots. Fixing method, its flexibility and weight make panel quick and easy to provide a unique wood effect to your facade in the selected colour.

SOLTHERM WOOD EFFECT PANEL is offered in ten colours – from light to dark wood colour. COLOUR INTENSITY depends on a number of the finish glaze layers applied.

SOLTHERM WOOD EFFECT PANEL are ready-made flexible panels that perfectly imitate wood plank. They can be easily combined with other finishing materials like renders. The flexibility of the panels ensures that they easily adjust to the surface. They are also easy to install and cut to size to fit on any building surface or architectural elements.

To obtain best possible faux wood effect on building façade, SOLTHERM has developed a special technology called WOOD MAPPING to perfectly replicate wood grain pattern and knots of natural plank. As a result, each panel has a deep and clear grain and knots to imitate a real wood plank. It comes in 5 patterns.

In each package, 2x 5 patterns are available.
Panel size: 167 x 2000 mm

In each package, 2x 10 patterns are available.
Panel size: 82 x 2000 mm




SOLTHERM RIBBED EFFECT PANEL is a panel designed to give a corrugated / grooved or rib effect on building exterior.
The corrugated finish is difficult to produce, but the effect is very impressive, once completed. To facilitate the process, SOLTHERM has developed SOLTHERM RIBBED EFFECT PANELS that are easy and fast to install and can be cut to size.

They are made with organic binders, fine mineral fillers and modifiers. The texture of the panel is provided by grooves of selected height, width. They come with a spacing at the top of the panel.

The effect provides the Drop Condense technology, where water droplets run off panel surface with ease, rolling down the grooves. The panels are neatly cut and contoured so that the panels perfectly abutt and fit tight to each other, when properly installed.

The main pattern on the SOLTHERM panel is the trapezoidal rib T/A15.B11.H6.S1. Customised grooved patterns can be made to order. The panels are 200 cm x 26 cm. 300 cm long panels are also available. They are extremely flexible, what makes them easy to install, adjust to the wall and cover minor imperfections of the surface. They can also be easily cut to size to fit on building surface or architectural elements.

To achieve a unique and distinctive effect on your building exterior, select a desired colour from SOLTHERM Spectrum 300+ colour chart, offering a wide range of colours. You can match any colours you like. When selecting the colour for the panels, make sure that the effect will blend in with other parts of the building and its colour and the overall visual effect on the facade will be consistent.

The most common SOLTHERM template to quickly provide the effect is trapezoidal rib panels T/A15.B11.H6S11.
We are, however, open to exquisite and sophisticated projects and BESPOKE PATTERS can be created as desired by our customers. SOLTHERM RIBBED EFFECT PANEL panels give numerous possibilities, from various shapes and colours to combinations. The pattern/texture can be customised. Just talk to a SOLTHERM representative and share your vision and we will do the rest.





SOLTHERM BQS flexible bricks developed by us is a state-of-the-art solution to give a touch of originality to your exterior. Brick slips look great both on traditional or vintage design buildings, but they are more and more often an inspiration for modern minimalist designs.

The brick slips SOLTHERM BQS are extremely lightweight and flexible. They are bendable and can be cut to size with scissors, what makes their installation effortless. The brick slips can be applied round the corners and to rounded elements on the face of the building and it does not require any additional work, forming or tooling.

Another advantage is that they are hand formed, so no identical brick slips can be found. The fact that you can make various combinations with many colours and shapes only adds to their exquisite character.

Our brick slips can make virtually every façade unique and one of its kind. The brick slips are extremely strong – your building exterior will stay beautiful and clean for many years to come. The brick slips are resistant to impact, scratch, thermal stress, weather and microbial growth. When soiled, they can be easily cleaned by pressure washing.

Both SOLTHERM BQB adhesive and grout and SOLTHERM BQS flexible brick slips are based on top quality binder compositions. They are compatible and work together extremely well to provide the SCS – Self Crosslinking. System preventing delamination/debonding. Our special system ensures that your façade will be durable, solid and robust.


SOLTHERM has selected 10 most interesting colours for the flexible brick slips SOLTHERM BQS to meet the expectations of even most demanding investors.

Each brick colour has a matching dedicated grout, however they can be combined as you like. Additionally, we customise brick slips, make them to order in other bespoke colours.

In addition to the standard colour collection, SOLTHERM offers special colours. We can make any pattern and colour to individual orders.

BQB colours