SOLTHERM CONCRETE EFFECT PANEL is a panel dedicated to creating decorative effects imitating formwork concrete on the external walls of existing and newly erected buildings, as well as inside the rooms. SOLTHERM CONCRETE EFFECT PANEL will be perfect for modern, minimalist and industrial arrangements, creating a unique visual effect. Visible streaks and discolorations emphasize the natural character of concrete.

SOLTHERM CONCRETE EFFECT PANEL is available in two colors: Light grey and Natural cement.

SOLTHERM CONCRETE EFFECT panels are 120 cm long and 60 cm wide. There are 3 different panel designs in the package.

SOLTHERM CONCRETE EFFECT PANEL are ready-made flexible panels that perfectly imitate wood plank. They can be easily combined with other finishing materials like renders. The flexibility of the panels ensures that they easily adjust to the surface. They are also easy to install and cut to size to fit on any building surface or architectural elements.

SOLTHERM has developed a special technology called CONCRETE MAPPING, which allows you to accurately reproduce the appearance and structure of real, raw concrete.