We provide you with the most advanced and innovative building materials, so that your house can become a truly comfortable, low maintenance dwelling.

We believe that we all need to work together. We create the products that help you maintain your house.

We at Soltherm believe that a healthy and sustainable planet begins with a healthy and energy efficient home.

Together we can make the planet healthier and safer for everyone, by contributing to your EWI – your Enormous Well-being Improvement!


Soltherm EWI system was first introduced to Ireland in 2010 and was immediately acclaimed as a system of the highest quality.

NSAI certification was applied for and the first draft of the Soltherm certificate was published in November 2011. The final version was published in early 2012 and that’s when IAB 12/0371 was launched.

Since then the certificate has continually evolved as updates and new measures are being added all the time to meet Irish building regulations and business partners expectations. 

Superior Soltherm EWI systems are designed and approved for application with retrofit works, new dwellings and commercial or industrial buldings. Indeed at this time the Soltherm certificate is the only one on the market that specifically states certification over ICF structures, one of the fastest growing building technologies in Ireland.

NSAI-certified Soltherm EWI systems are readily available on the Irish market and there are several key distributors in place offering excellent back up in terms of technical support, installation training, product availability, specifications, colour mixing etc. A wide variety of finishing coats to meet every individual customer’s facade choice and Irish architectural vision.


  • Specialise in the production of façade systems, by offering a high level  of support and practical expertise at an affordable price
  • Care for financial credibility and the satisfaction of our clients
  • Are a multi-national company with operations in over 20 countries
  • Research and develop various products to withstands all weather, all of which reach the highest industry standards
  • Supply solutions are tested vigorously under various laboratory conditions and have parameters substantially exceeding industry alternatives
  • Are approved by NSAI, BBA, KIWA UK, ETA, CSTB, Ł-ICiMB and ITB, Soltherm’s specially developed adhesives, basecoats, finishing coats are used to finish 4.5 million square meters of EWI facades annually
  • Are EN ISO 14001:2015 and EN ISO 9001:2015 accredited
  • Engineer solid insulation systems offer a range of features to meet your specific requirements, up to 150J of impact resistance to expectational wash off resistance
  • Continuously keep up to date with the lates techniques and environmentally-friendly technologies
  • Produce solid wall insulation systems for greener living, which has a positive impact on the environment by reducing CO2 emissions and reducing heating costs


Our mission is to supply building materials and solutions of the highest quality to Ireland and European market.‍

All of our products are manufactured on one of the most advanced production lines in Europe and under the supervision of specialist technicians and engineers.

The production process is 9001:2015 & 14001:2015 ISO certified and supervised by Global Quality.


The company is expansion-oriented and wants to achieve that by establishing and strengthening long-term and ethical relationships with our customers and all business partners.

We employ and continuously improve the latest organizational techniques and environmentally friendly technologies. Soltherm cares for its financial credibility and the satisfaction of our customers, employees and shareholders.

We offer a wide range of building chemicals, which are constantly broadened, since our products reflect technological and stylistic trends in architecture and meet the most specific customer’s requirements.