SOLTHERM WOOD EFFECT PANEL combines a timeless appeal of wooden decorative elements with reliability and robustness of modern finishing solutions. The panel perfectly imitates a wood plank by providing a clear wood grain pattern and knots. Fixing method, its flexibility and weight make panel quick and easy to provide a unique wood effect to your facade in the selected colour.

SOLTHERM WOOD EFFECT PANEL is offered in ten colours – from light to dark wood colour. COLOUR INTENSITY depends on a number of the finish glaze layers applied.

SOLTHERM WOOD EFFECT PANEL are ready-made flexible panels that perfectly imitate wood plank. They can be easily combined with other finishing materials like renders. The flexibility of the panels ensures that they easily adjust to the surface. They are also easy to install and cut to size to fit on any building surface or architectural elements.

To obtain best possible faux wood effect on building façade, SOLTHERM has developed a special technology called WOOD MAPPING to perfectly replicate wood grain pattern and knots of natural plank. As a result, each panel has a deep and clear grain and knots to imitate a real wood plank. It comes in 5 patterns.

In each package, 2x 5 patterns are available.
Panel size: 167 x 2000 mm

In each package, 2x 10 patterns are available.
Panel size: 82 x 2000 mm