SOLTHERM RIBBED EFFECT PANEL is a panel designed to give a corrugated / grooved or rib effect on building exterior.
The corrugated finish is difficult to produce, but the effect is very impressive, once completed. To facilitate the process, SOLTHERM has developed SOLTHERM RIBBED EFFECT PANELS that are easy and fast to install and can be cut to size.

They are made with organic binders, fine mineral fillers and modifiers. The texture of the panel is provided by grooves of selected height, width. They come with a spacing at the top of the panel.

The effect provides the Drop Condense technology, where water droplets run off panel surface with ease, rolling down the grooves. The panels are neatly cut and contoured so that the panels perfectly abutt and fit tight to each other, when properly installed.

The main pattern on the SOLTHERM panel is the trapezoidal rib T/A15.B11.H6.S1. Customised grooved patterns can be made to order. The panels are 200 cm x 26 cm. 300 cm long panels are also available. They are extremely flexible, what makes them easy to install, adjust to the wall and cover minor imperfections of the surface. They can also be easily cut to size to fit on building surface or architectural elements.

To achieve a unique and distinctive effect on your building exterior, select a desired colour from SOLTHERM Spectrum 300+ colour chart, offering a wide range of colours. You can match any colours you like. When selecting the colour for the panels, make sure that the effect will blend in with other parts of the building and its colour and the overall visual effect on the facade will be consistent.

The most common SOLTHERM template to quickly provide the effect is trapezoidal rib panels T/A15.B11.H6S11.
We are, however, open to exquisite and sophisticated projects and BESPOKE PATTERS can be created as desired by our customers. SOLTHERM RIBBED EFFECT PANEL panels give numerous possibilities, from various shapes and colours to combinations. The pattern/texture can be customised. Just talk to a SOLTHERM representative and share your vision and we will do the rest.