Render primer for wood effect & concrete effect renders

SOLTHERM T is formulated to prime dusty, chalky, porous, absorbent and/or weak wall and floor surfaces indoors and outdoors prior to:

  • laying ceramic or stone tiles
  • levelling the surface e.g. SOLTHERM LRC
  • installation of insulation materials in ETICS

Substrates for which the primer is suitable:

  • concrete,
  • aerated concrete
  • cement and lime-cement renders
  • cement floors or subfloors
  • masonry walls, not plastered
  • solid and firm paint coats on walls, well bonded and adhering firmly to the above mentioned substrates.
Palette colors spectrum 300+

Render primer for wood effect & concrete effect renders

• perfectly seals off and strengthens the primed surface,
• improves adhesion of adhesive mortars to mineral substrates,
• evens out the setting and drying process of adhesive coatings,
• facilitates bonding and fixing of insulation material and ceramic or stone tiles,
• suppresses dust formation and evens out surface porosity,
• protects the primed surface against adverse effect of moisture,
• solvent-free.