Elastic brick slips

SOLTHERM BQS elastic brick slips provide a decorative finish that perfectly imitates brick masonry wall. The decorative slips may be fixed to exterior walls of existing and new buildings with or without EWI as well as in interiors.
Suitable surface for SOLTHERM BQS brick slips:

  • base coat of External Wall Insulation Systems (EWI) with EPS boards or mineral wool batts,
  • concrete,
  • cement, cement-lime or gypsum plasters,
  • plasterboard, cement board, fibre-cement board, cement particle board firmly fixed to the substrate
  • mineral repair mortar, base coat/adhesive
  • resurfacers, skim coats
Palette colors spectrum 300+

Elastic Brick Slips

  • High flexibility and resistance to thermal stress
  • High resistance to:
    o precipitation, frost and hail,
    o UV radiation – contains UV absorbers
    o algal and fungal growth
    o impact and scratch
    o dirt build-up
  • water vapour permeable
  • Frost resistant
  • Easy and fast to install and work
  • Minimised material losses during cutting
  • After fixing the facing does not need to be treated with a sealer to reduce water penetration
  • Perfectly imitates the appearance of a traditional brick masonry wall
  • Light weight – total weight of adhesive/joint filler and the cladding is around 7 kg/m2